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"Miss Francis was a remarkable Juliet, delivering the Spanish and English translations with fluidity, passion, and a twinkle for her beloved Romeo... The heartbreaking final death scene was made all the more stirring based on her committed performance" - Marc Gonzalez (The Road to 1,000)

"Francis and Simon are excellent physical actors, circling the diamond stage like boxers in a ring." - Steve Murray (Broadway World)

"Bringing a voice that is the evening's most electrifying and exciting, Ella Ruth Francis is Natalie"- Eddie Reynolds (Talkin' Broadway)

"Francis...makes one intelligent choice after another, recoiling from a kiss as if she got bit, exaggerating an orgasm and then recovering her composure with whiplash-inducing alacrity." -Lily Janiak (San Francisco Chronicle)

"As egotistic Pamela, Francis runs away with the show, parading disdain, arrogance, horror, and hysteria in a span of minutes. Pamela’s queer self-discovery energizes funny moments" -Jordan Freed (Theatrius)

"As the daughter, Natalie, a riveting Ella Ruth Francis shows real fire in her eyes as she rages, yet at times she completely crumples apart trying so hard to be the dutiful daughter. Francis seems far older than her years and has a magnificent voice." - Joanne Engelhardt (Mercury News)

"The powerhouse Ella Ruth Frances steals the show as Pamela, one of the two sisters. Frances has a gifted voice as she sings "Automatic Rainy Day" alongside El-Kurd as they both stop the show." -Vince Media (VMedia Arts)  

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