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"Francis and Simon are excellent physical actors, circling the diamond stage like boxers in a ring." - Steve Murray (Broadway World)

"Francis...makes one intelligent choice after another, recoiling from a kiss as if she got bit, exaggerating an orgasm and then recovering her composure with whiplash-inducing alacrity." -Lily Janiak (San Francisco Chronicle)

"As egotistic Pamela, Francis runs away with the show, parading disdain, arrogance, horror, and hysteria in a span of minutes." -Jordan Freed (Theatrius)

"Bringing a voice that is the evening's most electrifying and exciting, Ella Ruth Francis is Natalie"- Eddie Reynolds (Talkin' Broadway)

"As the daughter, Natalie, a riveting Ella Ruth Francis shows real fire in her eyes as she rages... Francis seems far older than her years and has a magnificent voice." - Joanne Engelhardt (Mercury News)

"The powerhouse Ella Ruth Francis steals the show as Pamela, one of the two sisters.  -Vince Media (VMedia Arts)  

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